My New Cookbook

Tradition runs deep in my family. I am lucky enough to have three sides to celebrate with. With my Dad and Stepmom I get Birthdays, Father’s Day, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and awesome random days in between. With my Fiance’s family, I get Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, and awesome random days in between. With my Mom’s side there are more people and every family member with enough space owns... read more

I might be jobless, but I’ll never be bored.

Two weeks ago I was at a job interview for a position I am really interested in. After I explained my ‘position elimination‘ to the interviewer,  she asked me what I was doing with my time now that I wasn’t working. The main thing up until December 21st was of course “looking for a job”.  Between December 21st and January 1st I enjoyed Christmas festivities, organizing my... read more

Memorial Charms

I’ve read a few blogs and heard stories of couples who’ve found ways to commemorate loved ones who have passed and cannot attend the wedding. I liked the idea but decided to take it to another level. Rather than have a simple table with frames and a candle at the reception (which is a beautiful sentiment), I am going to hang mini picture frames to my bouquet with photos of those who passed and... read more

The Chuppah

Neither Dave nor I are super religious, but we are happy with how we were raised and wish to incorporate tradition and meaningful elements into our wedding ceremony. One item I recently decided to pursue is “The Chuppah”. Based on the ehow description, the Chuppah is made of a rectangular [or square] piece of fabric, large enough to stretch over the couple. It can be made of any kind of... read more