I’m happy already for the journey not purpose.
Because if I died tomorrow it’d all be worth it.
I’d still give 100% and smile
Because it could all be gone in just a little while.
I love to live and live to grow,
and there are only a few things I sure do know.

I am easy, as in I am easy to please
But I always want to get more and smoke trees
Because when I’m high, I’m less of a tease.
I’ll bare it all the words I’m thinking
Intoxicated with thoughts pour ’em out like I’m drinking
I’ve made it simple, here’s my degree of pursuit, my mission
Just two little things needed, only one thing that’s missing…

There’s only 2 things in this world that really make me happy
Life and Love, if you got ’em, get at me.
Life is living each day for your last
Hoping for future days to enjoy what’s passed
But looking more forward for what’s to come
For experience gained, dreams relieved, and my special someone.

Love is another benefit of life, a feeling I oh so desire
My better half, to have, to always share with, my blazing fire
Protection from scumbags and liars.
To share my body, open and free with thought
Full trust with each other to always see what’s not sought
Bedroom thrills, united passion for pleasure
a partner to enjoy even the worst of weather
to trouble the storm and bask in the sun,
to give the world my Daughter or Son.
To grow and learn and change the world
To make an impact on boys and girls.

Life is amazing good hand or bad,
Love like you’ve never been hurt to get over being sad.
And when you’re glad share it with another, your Brother, Mother or Dad.
Life and Love are should be all that we’re after
Because everything else will come when it matters.

Written July 2007 (please excuse references to recreational activities, life was different in 2007.)

What are your thoughts?