We made it… and then some!

I set a goal to breastfeed Desmond for 1 year and through supply dips, work stress, pumping challenges – we made it! I stressed about how I was going to make it and how I would utilize the freezer stash, when I would drop pumping sessions, the best way to transition Desmond to whole milk – and when it came down to it, I got sick and don’t even remember my last pumping session. I do remember packing up all of the bottles and pump parts though. That was liberating 🙂

Bye Bye Bottles; Bye Bye Breastpump. See you in a couple years!

Bye Bye Bottles; Bye Bye Breastpump. See you in a couple of years!


I reached my goal and decided that instead of stopping altogether, I would nurse him in the morning and at night – and on demand during the weekends. I figured we could do this for as long as my supply lasted, until he was ready to stop, or until for whatever reason that is still unknown to me – that I would be done.

Desmond will be 17 months old on Tuesday (11/24) and is showing no signs of stopping. I know it’s weird for some people to hear that I am nursing my toddler – and even weirder for others who’ve gotten to witness it. I know that my son is a babbling, laughing, walking, running, kneeling toddler and when he wants to nurse – he practically undresses me. But he is still young, will not remember this time when he is older, and for the bonding and health benefits to both of us – we are going to continue :).

What are your thoughts?