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We made it… and then some!

I set a goal to breastfeed Desmond for 1 year and through supply dips, work stress, pumping challenges – we made it! I stressed about how I was going to make it and how I would utilize the freezer stash, when I would drop pumping sessions, the best way to transition Desmond to whole milk – and when it came down to it, I got sick and don’t even remember my last pumping session. I do... read more

Industry Question: Are Music Downloads Hurting or Supporting Artist?

The question was … It is incredibly effective for labels to work with blogs and provide the public with an exclusive first listen to new tracks off of upcoming albums. As a consumer, what exactly are you looking for when searching for and receiving this content? Where do you draw the line on what supports the artist and what could be hurting the artist when music downloads are made available to the... read more